Red wine


Cviček is truly a unique wine, the only Cviček is the only one in the world, made from red and white varieties of grapes. It is produced only in Slovenia in Dolenjska valley. It is sugar free wine with low alcohol content. This is also the main reason why Cviček is also healthy wine and contains antioxidants.

Colour: Ruby red with a touch of violet
Taste: Cviček‘s taste is harmonious and smooth. Refined acid and a low alcohol level convey freshness and drinkability.
Aroma: A playful tiny berries (especially raspberries) and wild berries aroma can be perceived.
Gastronomy: Its dry (extremely low level of unboiled sugar) and neutral character open up an exceptionally broad spectrum of food the Cviček goes excellently with. It does, however, always enrapture with traditional Slovenian dishes, when meat or dried meat products are served with sauerkraut and potatoes.
Its lightness, gentleness and drinkability are most beautifully revealed when chilled to 13–15 ºC.

White wine


Wine Couve is also our well known wine, which comes from every harvest to the costumer from different types of grapes.

More about Couve in the future.

Red wine


Turdus Red is the selection of grapes from wich we prepare Cviček and in company of Blue Frankish grapes.

More about Turdus Red in the future.

Red wine


Turdus Premium is the selection of red grapes from Blue Frankish wine tree and a Žametna Črnina wine tree. We named it Turdus red, becasue aur grandfather always liked to drink red varity from this two wine tree and he always said bring me the red one. And Turdus because our name Komatar in latin translations means Turdus Turgatus. This is actually a type of a small bird and in our wineyards is also a lot off birds.

Red wine

THE VIPER - harvest 2017

Komatar family is preparing special wine in harvest 2017 The Viper. The work has already started in the winefields and they will prepare a special wine made out of premium grapes. More about the Viper in Avgust.

White wine


Our Chardonnay was in the late harvest 2009 rated as top-notched wine.

More about Chardonnay current year in the future.

Red wine


Blue Frankish is a dark-skinned varity of grape used for red wines. It is a late-ripening grape which are tipycally rich in tannin and may exhibit a pronocunded spicy character.

White wine


Wine White Muscat is our the sweetest wine, in our cellar. It is made only from white grapes and costumers say that it contains the sweetness and friendly part of people from Gadova peč.

More about it in the future.