The Komatar Winery is the leading producer of bottled wine Cviček in famous GADOVA PEČ. History says that Gadova peč is cradle of producing Cviček. Now there are already four descendants who continue the family tradition in the production of wines. In 1974, Franc Komatar received a Cviček wine award and handed his knowledge to his sons and grandchildren’s. Now they work together on the vineyards, which spread in the picturesque Gadova peč. The Komatar family likes to say, that no one leaves hungry or thirsty from their cellar. Well come to our winery and enjoy the famous view on river Krka and the valley.


Vesna Komatar was in year 2008 and 2009 a Princess of Cviček. She was promoting wines from Slovenia all over the world and now she continues her work in Komatar Winery.


The gentle landscape of Dolenjska (formerly known as Lower Carniola) is a panorama of valleys, rolling hills and forests, where you can almost smell the sweet scent of grapes growing in the vineyards on sun drenched slopes. Farmer's fields link with green meadows and numerous church bell towers stretch towards the blue sky. Time stands still where ancient castles guard historical towns and lonesome hayracks border quiet millstones. The beautiful green Krka river flows over Dolenska's dams and rapids, as if merging with the flora and fauna on it's banks. First it flows to the Karst plateau, called Suho Krajina, then meets the historic fortress town of Žužemberk and drops down to Soteske, passing Dvor. A former castle park is preserved at the Devil's Tower.